Game Launcher

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Game launching tool for Java-based games

How it works:

The tool automatically creates the required directories and downloads the desired resources, based on pre-defined text files, that you’ve already created and pushed to your remote repository.
These files are read line by line, as you’d like to have every single resource name on a separate line.
You will find an example inside the project repo.

Initial structure:

The tool consists of two classes:, responsible for the online streaming and loading of the downloaded resources, responsible for the generation and beautifying of the created log file,
containing all streamed resources and their modifications

The default resource files and folders are:

images/images.txt – contains the description of the images, that are used
sounds/sounds.txt – contains the description of the sounds, that are used
version.txt – contains the version of the compiled game;
if the local version matches the version in the remote repository, then “up-to-date” is written inside the local version.txt


NB.: Of course, you could extend this structure further, so that it fits to your project.