Api Extractor

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  • IMPORTANT – make sure you’re not behind a proxy, otherwise it could be that some data is not fetched properly
  • Create Symbol.xlsx under the desired location (an example file is packed within the root folder)
  • Fill out the first cell (upper left corner) of the Symbol.xlsx file with a supported symbol, as you can also add additional symbols below this one – one per cell (TBD: multiple symbols are supported, however not properly handled yet)
  • Save and close the file
  • Navigate to the file location with the “Choose” button
  • Select the Symbol.xlsx file and click on “Get report”
  • Logfile, called apiLog.json, containing a PriceList for the current symbol(s), is being generated on your Desktop
  • It contains also the JSON object, as well as the API URLs, based on the symbol(s)


  • The implementation of the “Show partner logo” button allows you to retrieve randomly the PNG logos for all supported symbols real-time, as they get streamed over the network, along with the respective logo URL
  • Added checks if there is a file on the path, if exactly Symbol.xlsx is selected and if Symbol.xlsx is opened in the root dir (the last one works properly only if the .JAR-file and Symbol.xlsx are both inside the same dir)